They learned to sew at the knees of their mother and grandmother at an early age ~ making doll clothes and eventually their own. The entrepreneurial spirit comes naturally from the pioneer stock of their forefathers. They’re proud of, and thankful to, them for passing on the dreams and work ethic that it takes to start a small business.

Dawn, the older and wiser sister, is the sewing wizard! She does 95% of the sewing of the products and is the most perfect fabric (and paper) cutter in the world! Dawn instigated the business when she sent Debbie a Hobo Bag as a gift over 30 years ago. Always on the lookout for new and exciting products, Dawn keeps the product line fresh. She stops sewing only long enough to enjoy her beautiful and super smart granddaughters, Aurora and Genevieve. She’s retired from the banking field and lives in Eastern Washington State with her hubby, Morris.

Debbie, the younger and wildly imaginative sister, handles the day-to-day, business-end of things. After receiving the infamous Hobo Bag, she took the fantasy ball and ran with it! A super-duper organizer, she gets the taxes filed, fills orders and maintains the website. In 2019, she moved from Washington to East Tennessee and is now enjoying visits with her darling grandchildren: Frenchie, Gabriel, Liam, Eliana and Andi, who live in Mississippi, Tennessee and Illinois. She works full-time for an accounting firm in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains.

Since they’re both incredibly busy, they have an occasional need to outsource tasks: sister-in-law, Ann, is great at fabric coordination and buying; and, Dawn’s daughter, Elspeth, is their “woman on the street” (an invaluable resource for keeping them on the cutting edge!)